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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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The FCA Impact

Here's what coaches and students are saying!!!

What do you love about FCA?

"The diversity of all the students who come together for Christ."

"I love how we hear real stories from real people and it's another way for me to hear the word aside from youth."

"Being able to have a Christian community at School."

"What I love about FCA is the activities we do and the people who surround us."

"I love that it is easy to bring and invite people to FCA. Because it is on campus, people can easily attend meetings! FCA personally helps me be more motivated to share Christ and focus on my faith while I'm at school."

"I like how I get to learn more about God and not a lot of schools have that opportunity."

"Despite our smaller number on Tuesday mornings, I love seeing some of the Christian students and staff of VHS genuinely longing to grow in their faith and pursue God together."

"It helps me practice being closer to life. It is a fun way to learn about God."

"I like the positive environment."

"I like that FCA is teaching me about God."

"I like getting to be able to come somewhere when I'm feeling down."

"It's fun and gives us free food and helps me understand more about a lot of things."

"I like FCA because I love to learn and worship God."

"I like the positive speaking."

"I like the games and messages."

"I like that we pray."

"I like FCA because it has helped me to develop and strengthen bonds at school."

How do you believe FCA is helping you?

"Many times the messages have spoken to me on a personal level. God has spoken words of encouragement and guidance through the speakers."

"FCA is helping me by always bringing me back to finding hope in Jesus."

"FCA is helping me to better incorporate my faith into various aspects of my school life, being on mission to share God's love."

"Helping me grow in my faith while I'm at school on campus. Empowers me to be more outspoken in my faith. I love the encouragement."

"It helps me become more true to myself."
"It is helping me know God a lot better."

"It is helping;ing me as a person by continuing/growing my faith in God, and also helps me be the person I want to be."

"It helps me by showing me the true meaning of life."

"It helps me get through times of stress."

"It helps me learn about Jesus."

"FCA helps me to be clear and relax before school."

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